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The Ion Holster Phone Case With Ejection Mechanism


The Phone Security Holster With Ejection Mechanism.


The present phone security case with ejection mechanism includes a tubular body having a cavity a case body. The case body has a front side, a back side, a pair of side edges, a top side, and a bottom lip having a cavity. One of a pair of support arms secures a sreen side of a cellphone held in the phone security case. A swivelable belt clip is disposed on the back side of the case body. There  is an ejection mechanism disposed on at least one of the bottom lip and the front side of the case body. One embodiment of the ejection mechanism has an ejection base, a track, and a spring mechanism. The spring mechanism can propel the ejection base along the track to push the cellphone toward the top side of the phone security case.  Various types of the condiment dispensers are known in the prior art. What is needed, and what the present phone security case with ejection mechanism provides, is a convenient way to transport  and store a cellular phone. Unlike other phone security cases, the present phone security case with ejection mechanism allows a user to both easily store and access the phone in the event of incoming calls and text messages. Furthermore, a tethering mechanism and a message sensor mechanism allows the phone to readily alert the user if the phone travels outside of a given radius or if the user receives an incoming call or text message.                                                                                           

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The Ion Security Case With Ejection mechanism features:

internal sensor that would detect when the phone ring or receive a text message alert, sliding the phone up. Virtual tethering system that would active an alarm sound when the paired phone traveles outside of a predetermined radius of  20 feet (GPS installed, Bluetooth connection).



* Provides a convenient way to store and transport a mobile phone.

* Keeps the phone safe and protected in the event it is dropped.

* Prevents the phone from being forgotten, misplaced or lost.

*Ensures that the phone is readily available for calls and texts.

*Usable with wireless connectivity  devices and is rechargeable.

* Offers added peace of mind.

* Adaptable for use with any mobile phone.